Alliance of Valiant Arms

The game is set during a fictional conflict between the Neo European Federation and Europe. Alliance of Valiant Arms has without question the best visual graphics out there for just about any MMORPG.

Alliance of Valiant Arms
Author: Aeria games
Popularity: High
Category: 3D MMO
PvP Support: Yes
Free/Paid: Free
Pros: +State of the art graphics +great graphics +original achievement system +different class options
Cons: -need some time to adjust -could use more weaponry options



Alliance of Valiant Arms is among those rare F2P MMORPG gems that varied game-play and has equally topnotch graphics and incredibly in depth. People who have played additional tactical games like Blackshot, Combat Arms as well as WolfTeam should be able to get comfortable easily with AVA. The Unreal 3 engine works really great, therefore expect amazing graphics. Possibly the most memorable facet is its in-game modes. Some of them are:

Escort - The European group should 'escort' a container that gradually goes while the NRF through the guide need to utilize Rocket-Powered Grenades (RPGs) to ruin it. Otherwise the NRF wins, before time runs out the European group triumphs if the container reaches the end-of the guide. It is among the exceptional and popular sport styles.

Demolition - Basically ‘plant the bomb' style popularized by Counterstrike. The mission is to plant a C4 bomb in one of two locations.

Domination – you have to earn your points. You must hold down the location in order to win.

Free for all - As the title suggests, gamers should destroy anybody and are on their own.

Survival – this game mode you only get one life per player.

Annihilation – basically team deathmatch. Whichever team reaches 80 or 189 points first wins.

Convoy – Sort of like search and destroy. Before time runs out you must find and capture the nuclear case. Or you can win by disposing the opposite team.


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Full Review

Full Review

It would appear that ijji is really striving hard to profit on the MMOFPS craze as connections of Valiant Arms (AVA), is the next MMOFPS published by ijji. Though happen to be a boat load of good MMOFPS games available on the market, an increasing number of game publishers are putting away their particular shooting games. This would not be a terrible thing if these games weren't all remarkably dissimilar. To be honest, though, even though AVA doesn't exactly break from the cookiecutter MMOFPS mold that is tactical, it's an extremely refined and graphically impressive game that is well worth enjoying.

Great Fluid Gameplay
Alliance of Valiant arms performs effortlessly than it appears. Players may be asked if they wish to complete the guide of the game after creating a character. I advocate heading right through an MMOFPS game anyhow, although seriously though, anyone who is ever played it before won't need this walkthrough - it just takes five minutes and it's an extremely easy way to earn some beginning in-game currency. I immediately noticed the game's graphics are absolutely magnificent after going through the guide. Modern MMOFPS games have graphics these days that is top-notch, but connections of Valiant Arms is definitely one of the best appearing free-to- perform out there. One small gripe I have with the gameplay is the recoil on every SMG/gun feels not a bit low; this makes aiming hard to become accustomed to.

This seems Distinct...
I noticed that the mechanisms of the game feel different than most MMOFPS games I have played, after enjoying with Alliance of Valiant Arms for a good hour or so. In both images and game-play AVA plays nearly the same as Activision's enormously well-known game Call of Duty 4. This really is a great thing, as primarily, Call of Duty 4 is an excellent game and second, it gives the game a distinctive feel that makes it distinctive from fighting. Alliance of Valiant Arms 'feels' distinct because it is not the same , it keeps the same concept but adds its own elements to the gameplay.

Awesome customization
Classes are a best friend to the elite soldiers. I personally like to have the option to choose the weapons, armor and weapon addons. AVA allows you to choose from one of three classes – ‘Rifleman, Sniper and Pointman’. I don’t want to give you the full details because I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I will let you try them out.


Certainly one of the best attributes in Alliance of Valiant Arms is its impressive modification choices for arms. The game has three playable 'classes', which players may switch back and forth from anytime throughout a match. The three classes are Rifleman and Pointman. Pointmen concentrate in close-quarters combat, snipers are not ineffective from a distance, while rifleman are successful at all ranges. The three classes each have their own special set of weapons before being useable which should be bought and outfitted. The three classes may each be personalized to a great degree, even though the game only has a smattering of weapons at this time. Every weapon's entrance, mount, handle, barrel, trigger, stock and paint may be customized. The gun personalization is better, although much like customization in Combat Arms and Wolfteam; it has more range.

Achievements are a way to display your rewards in combat. You can earn medals and badgers for completing certain missions in the game. If you are familiar with Call of Duty, some are easy to unlock. Like killing three enemies with one grenade to just completing a mission, pretty simple. Some are more enticing like having played 1,000 hours of AVA and Eliminating 1,000 opponents. This is a great idea since it keeps me playing non-stop.

Overall it is a well polished and designed game. The idea of being able to customize your class before entering the game, the amazing in game music and interface. Even the graphics when your opponent is hit by your bullets are very detailed. The blood is very surreal. I have to say the game could use more weapons and more classes. But overall Alliance of Valiant Arms will easily be marked as one of the original game platforms for superior gameplay visuals. We suggest you give this game a shot!

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