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Drakensang Online is based off the popular PC game series The Dark Eye. The game starts off in a mysterious medieval land that is corrupted by evil minds. You must fight scary and gruesome monsters. You must master the sword and practice the art of magic on your journey to becoming the hero and saving the medieval land.

Author: Bigpoint games
Popularity: Medium
Category: 2D MMORPG
PvP Support: Yes
Pros: +good graphics +no download or install required +ability to connect with facebook +challenging enemies +plenty of quests to complete
Cons: -gameplay feels repetitive at times -limied customization -shop has a small list of items



In this edition of Drakensang Online published by Bigpoint Games you must fight against the dark inhabitants by invading the lands of Grimmangstone to Shorefolk. You must explore mysterious dungeons and kill hordes of creatures. You are given to basic classes to start off the fight – Dragonknight and Spellweaver.

Here is a brief description on some of the classes in Drakensang.

Dragonknight – They suck the blood of dragons to boost their fighting skills during battles. Rage is their primary skill for victory

Spellweaver – Their spiritual powers are a key element to destroy their opponents. Spellweavers are worthy rivals to have during combats because of their use of enchantments.

Ranger – Rangers have a unique way of targeting their opponents. First, striking them from a distance with an arrow then taking them down when they’re at a close distance with their blade.

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Full Review

Full Review

Players step into the atrocious and wicked monsters that are wreaking havoc throughout the city. Rumors have spread throughout the city that the price has vanished and the evil Dragon is on the return to destroy all of humanity. The war between evil and good has begun. Become part of history as you begin your quest to become a legend and a hero.


As you being your journey through the game you are given multiple tasks to complete with each mission. Quests are fun since they naturally involve collection items, intense battle fights and relaying messages. The battles are very zealous and aggressive usually involving over 50 monsters at one time. Though the battles and monsters may seem repetitive you are given small tasks to complete like gathering water from the wells, interacting with players and picking up cabbage. Completing quests and small tasks earn you coins, rare equipment items and XP. Be careful to not get ambushed by monsters!


Quests & PVP Battles
As you level up you unlock new empires. The world is huge and the journey can be quite long. As you walk through medieval towns, foggy swamps and intimidating forest you will be challenged by vigorous monsters. Quests require you to enter dungeons and secret mysterious underground vaults. You can also set up your difficult level from normal too difficult for a challenge if you feel it is too easy for you. The online community is quiet but allows you to socialize with those online. You could also connect your account with Facebook Connect which gives you the permission to invite your friends which can benefit you from the wicked evil lurking on your journey.


Player Progression
Leveling up in games is crucial and can be your bragging rights. Drakensang Online could improve this. In order to acquire and use different combinations you would have to reach the peak level of 18 or higher. You develop new skills by learning them for free or if you feel it is to slow you can purchase them with in-game coins. Some of the abilities to develop new skills involve you producing explosions, teleporting during battles, producing ice blasts, and lightening shots.


Weapons play a major part in all games. You can pretty much purchase anything by using coins acquired through the completed quests. The selection of available weapons is quite small. We listed a few of the items you can purchase.

  • Health Elixirs
  • Rings
  • Crystal Balls
  • Keys
  • Chests
  • Expansion bags
  • Potions

Some of the weapons you can purchase as well are:

  • Long axe
  • Bone Staff
  • Bastard Sword
  • Great Sword
  • Blade
  • Two-handed sword
  • Enchanted Wand
  • Journeyman Staff

These are just some of the weapons you are able to purchase. There are other items you may purchase too. As you continue your journey you will find what the best suitable weapon is the best for your character. I recommend trying all of them and seeing for yourself which is your favorite.


Unlike other MMORPGs you don’t have to go looking for a battle fight, the battle fight comes to you. You will be brought to a medieval world that is controlled by dragons and demons. The game has its ups and downs. Only thing that we really don’t like is that the game items are really expensive, the lower your skill level is we noticed the higher the price is. You can also purchase items with actual currency which will give you the power to obliterate all your enemies. We suggest you try out the game and give us your opinion.

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