Dreadnought is a tactical battle arena game pitting teams of enormous ships in intense firefights.

Author: Yager/Greybox
Category: 3D MMO
PvP Support: Yes
Free/Paid: Free



Dreadnought is a sci-fi, multiplayer space combat simulator from Yager and Greybox. Players will take control of massive ships that each have their own unique characteristics and take on opposing players in various deathmatches and objective-based modes. Instead of fast-paced arcade action though, Dreadnought requires more attention to strategy and tactics in a slightly slower-paced environment.

The available ships are classified according to their abilities and roles. The Destroyer is the balanced, well-rounded ship good for versatility. The Corvette is a ship based on speed and hit-and-run tactics. The Artillery Cruiser is the sniper, relying on dealing massive, precise damage from a distance. Tactical Cruisers provide support such as repairing other ships. And the Dreadnoughts are the largest class, depending on armor and heavy artillery at the price of speed. In between matches, players will be able to modify, enhance, and upgrade their ships with better stats and abilities.

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Resources & Videos

Official Website: Dreadnought Homepage





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