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Dungeons & Dragons On the internet is one of the most popular games and has one of the biggest communities. The experience is determined inside the fictional earth connected with Eberron and stays devoted towards D&D team.

Author: Turbine
Popularity: High
Category: 3D MMORPG
PvP Support: Yes
Free/Paid: Paid
Pros: +Customizable characters +Fast and intense gameplay +Run multiplayers or solo
Cons: -small portion of races and classes require payment to access -if you are unfamiliar with D&D character progression can be difficult



Everything is important to game play, motion has become properly ported in the tabletop video game towards on the net personal earth. The experience is like no other the races and classes are unique themselves. See the list of classes and races below along with a brief description on each of them.


Human – you have the option to play as any class. They’re fast learners too.
Elf – Elves start with a lower constitution and higher dexterity
Halfing – Their small size can be used as an advantage during combat.
Dwarf – Very useful craftsman and are resistant to poison and several other spells.
Warforged – Built for battles. They are immune to diseases, poisons and paralysis.
Drow Elf – Siblings of the Elves. They also have a high dexterity, intelligence and charisma.


Melee – Fighter, barbarian and paladin
Spellcaster – Wizard and a Sorcerer
Specialist – Rogue and Ranger


System Requirements

Full Review

Full Review

In my experience, you only can’t perform D&D alone. Dungeons and Dragons went through major updates that are known as modules. Each module added new quests, in game items, new dungeons along with many other things. Races and classes were also introduced. We assume they did these updates to stay up to date with their competitors to make this game far beyond expectations.

In Game Features
With D&D’s new updates you were sure to be spending hours trying to customize the perfect battle character. The customization features make it easier for the player to customize their character. Along with character creations you are given three classes: Specialist, Spell & melee. Some classes you have to purchase in order for you to unlock them which sort of decrease the interest to some since you have to buy them with actual currency. Each class you choose has 3 predefined paths you can choose; with this option you are also given the chance to customize your skills for each obstacle.

Quests and Storytelling
As many other MMORPGs players are free to skip the quest dialogue’s but we suggest you not too, since the story is well written and intriguing. Every quest is connected to the main story behind the game. As you travel through the world you will find elements in the game that will make you pause, the detailed art and rendering of the game is very high quality depending on your machine. Once you get comfortable with the game you will notice how easy it is to defeat enemies. You will see how easy it is to defeat every boss you encounter & barely need any rest.
Your Journey
As you continue your quest in D&D you will be given points. With these points you can purchase in-game content which you unlock after each successful mission. You originally start with 50 points but as you start the game you probably won’t need to purchase anything as there are many quests to complete. The maximum level you would reach is 20, it sounds kind of low. Aside from just freely surveying the world you can join PvP which is part of one of the modules added to D&D. Even with this feature D&D isn’t solely dedicated to PvP but a challenge or curiosity never hurt.
Some may say in this edition of D&D, it hasn’t lived up to its title. Others may say Turbine did a great job converting this game into a great role-playing game in the virtual world. There is plenty of space for you to explore hundreds of dungeons and hidden secret gems inside the game. We suggest you take a look yourself and let us know what you think. Till next time!

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