Elsword Online

Elsword is a well-known game that provides gamers narrative-driven action with various co-op assignments.

Author: Kill3rCombo
Popularity: Medium
Category: 2D MMORPG
PvP Support: Arena
Free/Paid: Paid
Pros: +State of the art graphics +Competitive cop-op game options +allows you to have several classes
Cons: -weird translations -combat and missions can get repetitive for the average user



Player’s may venture solo or with friends, take part in PvP, produce a selection of abilities, and grasp specific work classes. As you progress you can equip your character using an array of supplies, accessories, and cosmetic items earned. There's also a PvP mode where players compete for rankings & fight each other.

Some of the Characters in Elsword

Elsword - An expert swordsman with melee strikes that are strong. He can take heavy damage and also adsorb a massive amount.

Aisha - A mage who utilizes energetic abilities to cause damage to the enemy. Armed with a staff, she may attack several targets simultaneously.

Rena - An experienced marksman, Rena's favorite weapon is the bow and arrow. She's additionally effective at throwing against anyone who dares to get close.

Raven - As he uses his Nasod equip to strike down enemies with just one blow to those who dare get near him Raven excels in close fight. He also uses his sword to cut up anything in his path as a way to build all kinds of mixes up to tear-down the enemy.

Eve – Looks can be deceiving, Eve uses her capabilities of machines to defeat her opponents. Robots can be summoned by her from her Kingdom to help her in her battle whenever she wishes, since she is the Queen of Nasod.

Chung - If his enemy is too far from him, Chung also has an original peculiarity to him distinct from others, as he uses "ammo" which can be fired from his Canon after re-loading. Chung gets power and the strength to easily own a Cannon masterfully as it were a feather

Ara Haan - Ara Haan provides the best hybrid mechanisms to Elsword.

Elesis - Being dependent on equally a Courage meter in addition to high-priced mana abilities. Elesis is a giant that delivers initiation that is fast and hard hitting melee combos to the game. As the older sister of Elsword, she symbolizes the family tradition as the roughest hitting personality in the game.

Elsword is a well-known game that provides gamers narrative-driven action with various co-op assignments.

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Full Review

Full Review

There are several similarities to Fantastic Chase, as a result of this mentality that is re-boot; nevertheless, there are a couple of essential variations, including the game classes, which a lot of predecessors diverge a lot on.

Elsword Online

A variety of publishers have obtained the mantle to create Elsword to several different nations, like NHN Asia, Gamania, and KillerCombo, which let launches in Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Japan, and The United States. Elsword also has received 6 manwas written that take place within the narrative of the sport itself called ElType, 4 are dedicated to the "El Research Party" while 2 are based on Chung. Nexon released the game initially, releasing it in Republic Of Korea on Dec 27, 2007 also it is free-to-play since launch.

Elsword Online 2

The nostalgia took a slight curve once I began to delve deeper into the mechanics of using different attack combinations to slowly scale my combo meter greater and greater, training my pictures to maximum usefulness, and handling my MP. When I began playing with Elsword, I hadn't understood that side - . It reminded me of the times, but more specifically of a game where it hybridized RPGs with side-scrolling.

Elsword Online 3

Once you've started utilizing a key that is mix the best portion for fresh players is, as you continue your combination along it instantly expands your whole possible shrub of mixes and highlights. You get more mixes as you get classes that are fresh, therefore there's nonetheless some experimenting when these changes are achieved by you. Spells and specific skills use both a down program that is cool and an MP. When in cooling system, there's a count-down that lets you understand exactly how much longer you need to wait until it can be used again, which is really helpful.

Elsword Online 4

Game Party
The usable characters that are possible are limited to 6 possible selections. Nevertheless, each persona just isn't a cookie cutter form of each other, as at level 1-5 each playable character has the choice of trying out one of 3 complex types which improves further with a story-ARC at level 35 for each course advancement. As you probably read in the overview, if you haven’t here is a brief description. Elsword, the great sword-wielding adventurer; Aisha, the former best mage of Elrios; Rena, an elven ranger who protects her partners with a bend; Raven, an atoning swordsman with a Nasod claw for a left arm; Eve, a Nasod who wants to deliver the coexistence of individuals and Nasods; and eventually Chung, the nobleman who wields a large cannon as if it were nothing.

Elsword Online 5

There's a substantial lack of customization in the game, outside playing dress-up with the figures. Their hair styles and colors are locked. However, the cash store is sold with costume pieces that you could use over whatever products you're actually wearing to preserve an established look, though without it you will always be gear types and mix and matching colors depending on what you get along the way. There is one thing I should point out that I did detect. You shift the viewpoint of yourself and other players into a Chibi art style when not in a dungeon and can actually press F6. This mode disregards all equipment.

Elsword Online 6

Quests are fun in this game, the quest are not quite difficult to locate. You will find several occasions where you must replay as a way to finish quest, this sort of gets boring. But each level has Extreme, Standard, Difficult, and 3 issues. Because some tasks must be completed on harder levels, they include the gold Q to show that you have chosen a suitable map and issue a level to go along your mission. It might seem like a modest gain but you will be happy when it saves you from having to grind away an easy map simply to realize you wasted your time.
If you create a team, you are able to abandon the designed member rely on 4 and then people may click "Join Team" to fast leap in. The session of your party is automatically broadcasted if you desire to so you won't put much effort into locating any. After your teammates that join are ready, you're all set to start the count down for the quest at hand.
What we think
Having less customization was a drawback for me. The game could have added more customization options. They could have made better stats for each equipment. The game provides skill-based combat, customization, and is story driven to retain its target audience enthusiastic for each upgrade.

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Resources & Videos

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