Infinite Crisis

Another great game released by Turbine. Infinite crisis brings back the traditional DC Heroes and Villains. Each character comes back with their unique style of capabilities and skills.

Author: Turbine
Popularity: Medium
Category: MOBA
PvP Support: Yes
Free/Paid: Free
Pros: +Can play your favorite superhero +Well known characters +Environments are destructible
Cons: -No customizing features -Character selection is minimal



Infinite Crises lets you permanently unlock your favorite Champions earned by playing matches whether you win or lose! Some of the featured highlights the game brings are the ability to seize control of havoc, fight your way through wars and save the DC world and of course be a DC legend.

We know different battles and maps are a player’s favorite. We listed the universes you have to complete as a challenge to regain control.

• PRIME (0)
• ATOMIC (17)
• MECHA (44)

Here are some of the available maps you are able to play.

• Gotham Heights
• Coast City
• Gotham Divided


System Requirements

Full Review

Full Review

If you are new to the game you won’t have any trouble getting comfortable with the game. Infinite Crisis doesn’t require you to know about the story; as soon as you jump in the game you will be able to choose your favorite superhero. I mean who doesn’t like to play as their own superhero. Infinite Crisis lets you play as Batman, Superman and maybe you like to be the bad guy, you can play as the Joker.

Once you choose the character you want to play as you will see the amazing visuals Infinite Crisis brings to the table. Each super hero has 5 abilities and out of 4 of them they bring you special super powers. As you can see the screenshot the special effects and character simulation.


Turbine did a great job making the Characters real as possible. There are three maps you can play. Each map has different objects around, such as cars which you can pick up and throw anywhere you’d like. As a superhero you’re supposed to make peace but with the powers you have you get tempted to cause destruction around the city yourself. You can use this to your advantage during battles. As you regain control over the universe you will be able to earn items which can then be redeemed to build your characters power, health and attacking abilities.
Some of the objects you may see around are called Artifacts, there are three artifacts you will see – Attack, Health & power. You will notice the mission is to eliminate enemies and gathering gold the focus changes quite a bit throughout the game, which makes this game a little more intriguing.
As you make your way through the game you will see the transition between each universe. There are three maps and each map consists of original and unique elements. Just like other MOBA style games destroying the opponent is crucial. As you spawn endless waves of enemies rush towards you making it an intense battle fight. The graphics and the opportunity to choose your favorite superhero makes this game interesting and worth checking out.

Final Conclusion
We really love this game. One of the reasons its because you get to play as your favorite super hero. When you gain victory you get that I’m It, I’m a legend type of feel. If you know little of the DC universe Infinite Crisis drops knowledge on you about the background of the DC Universe which will probably make you want to pick up a comic book.

Infinite Crisis doesn’t let you customize your superhero but it does let you play as one. It would be a great feature if they did. Let us know what you think!

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