LaTale is definitely the best-looking side-scrolling MMO out there and maybe the most content-rich one.

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PvP Support: Yes
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Pros: +Customizable characters +Huge skills library +GUI is one of my favorites
Cons: -little translation -controls need improvement



LaTale is a cutting-edge fantasy MMORPG released by OG World. It isn’t a secret it got a great deal of its ideas from games like Wind and Maplestory Slayer, however, as all the four groups that are beginning of the game, Traveler, Soldier, Magician and Knight have an unbelievable number of classes.

Earch has their very own unique ability. Here is a list of each class:

  • Soul Breakers
  • Warriors
  • Wizards
  • Explorers
  • Engineers
  • Knights

Training just requires a couple of minutes to finish it should not bore much. After getting a sense for this and jump in to the game, I immediately concluded LaTale is among these rare few MMORPGs which can be really amazing. The many notable part of the game is the immense ability collection of the game. Read the full review to get more insight on the game.

System Requirements

Full Review

Full Review

Beginning Out
The very first thing I observed was the incredible songs of the game after first signing in to LaTale. Besides the log-in songs which seemed astonishingly like the vocals from Ragnarok On Line of the game, the additional melodies of the game seem a lot like conventional RPG songs, which surely improve the game play. While making my personality, I was amazed to discover that I really had a lot of choice when it came to deciding at my character's hair style, color and look. The character modification is no where near as Perfect World. I was given a brief yet insightful guide that I urge all MMO newcomers should tackle.

Latale 1

YO! I got tons of abilities!
The absolute variety of abilities in LaTale is rather remarkable, as each persona gets several type skill trees that are unique and basic making skill trees to try out. Magicians for instance have a different skill tree for all the games which include four components, Fire, Wind, Water (routine), water (recovery). What I am trying to stress is that we now have PLENTY of abilities to pick from, which provides the game lots of variety. Even though Magicians have the biggest variety of abilities, the additional groups of the game even have their own unique skill trees to experiment with, and you'll find enough ability trees for each group to ensure that perhaps not every one has the same precise construct. The one real gripe I have against the skill program of the game is that gamers must wait until LV 80 before achieving their first job progress, that might sense' for a number of gamers out of reach'.

Latale 2

Ahhh! Awkward Controls
The single largest gripe I have with LaTale is the awkward controls of the game. In order to 'sprint' you must double-tap the way you want to go. It becomes a problem to do during battle, as you will always have to re-position your character in battle if you expect to reach your foe. As an enemy attacks you, they get nearer to you and at times may really be on-top of you, creating it impossible that you strike them unless you run apart and re-position your-self so. The easy solution to the chaos might be to have a choice to permanently enable 'sprinting' and never have to double tap. Yet another negative thing about LaTale's controls is they seem unresponsive sometimes, particularly when battling opponents, as when you get hit your character may get pulled right back, and when you are battling enough foes you could get 'stun locked in' creating it impossible to get away of harm's method. This could get become incredibly annoying at times.

Latale 3

Even though the game community of LaTale is not almost as large, it has a good number of character customization features and truly entertaining with a huge collection of abilities for each character-class. If you are seeking to try different things, there is not a reason to not offer an opportunity to LaTale even with it’s annoying controls.

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Resources & Videos

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