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Lord of the Rings - The game places a heavy emphasis on the story along with lore. Right away, you are thrown right in interactive quests. Lord of the Rings is different than other MMORPGs – players will be able to combat in large battles which monsters in level 50 or as a normal character. This game really lives up to the Lord of the Rings name which goes in depth.

Author: Turbine
Popularity: High
Category: 3D MMORPG
PvP Support: Yes
Pros: +Rewarding quests +Learn new titles & abilities +Very popular and story driven
Cons: +Isn't really challenging +File size is takes a while and slow +At times it feels like you're playing a single player game



You are given the chance to choose between good or free races which include Dwarves, Elves, hobbits and Humans. You can also play as monsters in Player to player battles starting at level 10. You will get a total of 9 classes which some are not available to all races.

9 classes

Each class has their pros and cons, the 9 different classes are Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-Master, Minstrel, Rune-keeper and The Warrior Class. I personally like the Warrior class. Lord of the Rings automatically gives you the option to choose from 4 races and 9 playable classes, what games do you know that do that? Below you will see what the different classes are for.

Burgler – this class fights with daggers and can also help you when you are in a large crowd.

Captain – you can use a vast majority of armor and weapons, also control pets and are capable of tanking.

Champion – if you want to dual-wield this is the class you want.

Guardian – can use most of the weapons and armor types. Guardian is useful since they absorb damage from their allies.

Hunter – they have lower defense and health. Hungers can deal with more damage from distance.

Lore-Master – you can casts spells from a safe distance, can crowd control and summon pets as well.

Minstrel – if you are looking for support through your combat, Minstrel will definitely help. Minstrel rejuvenates their allies’ wounds by singing songs to boost their fighting powers.

Rune-Keeper – very low defense and health but are very useful spell casters. They are capable of hurling spells at their enemies and also able to heal their allies.

Warden – if you want a powerhouse class this is it. Uses armor and different weapon types which includes javelins.


System Requirements

Full Review

Full Review

When I first got the game it had gone through several patches once I began downloading it the installation process was a long wait, I advise you to have it installing overnight. As I mentioned before Lord of the rings is by far one of my favorite games. It allows you to choose over 4 races and gives you the opportunity to choose over 9 classes. Each of the races also has their own bonuses as well. As soon as you start the game you the menu will let you choose what race and class you would want to choose. At first you will get a narrator that twill guide you on how to maneuver around the map which is pretty cool. Once you start the game you will be in a cell with Strider outside who challenges you to a one on one. This is your opportunity to unleash your skills and technique.


One thing I do love about Lord of the Rings is the customization feature - even though they are standard. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all races can be played on all classes. The Warden and Rune keeper aren’t available to free players you have to unlock them through the game shop.


Things to do
Lord of the Rings gives you quests which add to the story so you won’t ever be left wondering what to do next. By completing quests you will accomplish deeds which unlock bonuses and titles. Some deeds do they longer since they are harder to accomplish but definitely worth the time and effort if you want to know the next part of the story.
Levels and Skills
As you gain experience and complete quests you will be able to train for new skills. There are plenty of trainers throughout Middle Earth that can train you with new skills. Aside from skills and starts you are assigned traits. There are different types of traits: class, racial, virtue and legendary. They are obtained by completing deeds, participating in player vs player combat and reaching certain levels. The experience rate is fast within 40-50 minutes you can (probably) level up to level 6. The max level was at 50 but recently changed from 50 to 65.



Depending on what type of machine you have the graphics can be of high quality. If your machine can’t handle the power of Lord of the Rings you will most likely see poor and ugly graphic emulations. We highly recommend getting the high res client for the best experience on Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the rings has a great in depth story and is also followed along by the movie. It is more story driven than the usual MMORPGs. One of the great things about Lord of the Rings is, you don’t have to be a huge fan or know much about Lord of the Rings – you can simply just jump in the game and start having fun. It might also help if you are not familiar with Lord of the Rings, you will get a acquainted with Lord of the Rings as soon as you jump in. you can also enjoy the game without spending any actual money inside the game shop. You can simply unlock everything by completing quests . In conclusion there is always something to do in Lord of the Rings there are plenty of quests for you to full fill and accomplish. It is free-to-play and you should check it out!

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