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Perfect world - one of the most well liked games amongst the community. It is beautifully designed and offers a variety of features from in-game offers to limitless character creations. Let’s take a dive into the game.

Author: Perfect World Entertainment
Popularity: High
Category: 3D MMORPG
PvP Support: Yes
Pros: +in-depth character customization +plenty of events +in game radio +updated frequently
Cons: -slow paced -User interface can be improved -Combat gets boring after a while



Once you pass the menu you are able to customize your character using the newly developed character creation feature. Along with the customization feature you are given numerous classes for each race – a total of eight playable classes. Below we listed a few with a brief description.

Archer – Archers are great allies to have because of their capabilities and physical damage on your enemies from a safe distance.

Assassin – Very powerful and specialize in causing heavy damage to your opponents.

Barbarian – Absorb energy, great fighters to have in your frontline.

Blademaster – Low magic defense but have a huge powerful stun skill.

Cleric – Powerful healing powers very weak in PvP battles but very supportive during heavy battles.

Wizard – Can handle more damage than other classes, this may be the reason why their movements are very sluggish.

Mystic – They can summon pets alongside them during combat and can heal over time.

These are just some of the classes we named in the Perfect World. Most of them are our favorites and we suggest you give these a try and let us know which one is your favorite.

Perfect World


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Full Review

Full Review

Perfect World has gone through a lot of changes being released back in July of 2005 it was originally licensed in Malaysia by Cubizone, since then it has been internationally released. One of the most noticeable features in the game it’s the character creation, in which we will talk about more.

As soon as you hit the menu you will be able to customize your character, one neat thing about this feature is the in-depth customization levels. Unlike other games Perfect World gives you the ‘Perfect World’. If you have lots of time on your hands you can rest assured that you will spend not minutes or second customize your character but hours. If want to be original and unique in Perfect World customizing your character will be beneficial. The abilities in the customize menu are endless with different options and different color radiant you can change your character from black to pink or any of your favorite colors. You could even change the color of your mustache!
Not only is the Perfect World customizable but everything is top quality - the in-game graphics to the ability of customizing your character. When you are in an intense fight you will see the spell effects and impressive detailed waterfalls in the background. If you’re a enthusiastic game player you would appreciate great graphics along with a great challenge.
Gameplay Magic
If you appreciate a great story dialogue Perfect World will probably let you down, the dialogue and story can definitely use some improvement. Unlike other MMORPGs leveling up is almost impossible, but I mean who doesn’t love a great challenge. Some may just back out or quit due to the fact they can’t level up and feel unappreciated because of their victory. Once you complete quests you will unlock several attributes levels and new skills. As you continue your journey through the Perfect World you will see a detailed map with beautifully designed terrain which is clearly visible. You will also notice you can tag your favorite locations which is very useful if you are actively involved.
Another unique feature!
Along with great graphics and awesome customization features. The Perfect World offers you a in-game internet radio? Yes, internet radio. If you are bored of listening to the repetitive game-play you can tune into the internet radio which will boost up your energy and focus. The sound quality is also far beyond expectations. This feature will probably change other game publishers mind set on maybe implementing this feature on their games.

We have to say we love this game. The dedication of the developers passion and focus makes this game phenomenal. The game is constantly updated and tweaked for the best interest of the gamer. Patches started turning into a regular thing. So be ready for change if you do decide to be part of the game. Overall the Perfect World is a fun and free to play MMORPG with great customization abilities and impressive gameplay graphics.

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