Stormfall – Age of War

One of the top selling games on Facebook. Are you prepared to bring back the world back from demise? Can you rise from the challenging obstacles?

Author: Plarium
Popularity: High
Category: 2D MMORPG
PvP Support: Yes
Free/Paid: Paid
Pros: +Simple strategy game +Story based
Cons: -Its facebook oriented -Could use enhancements



Strategy game to keep you at the edge of your seat. Pick a role as one of the warlords of the world. Build your castle and revive the forgetting world back from evil hands. Build your power and strategy as you fight through challenging enemies and obstacles.

Stormfall quickly became one of the popular strategy games in a matter of months. Being quickly accessible on facebook made it easier to play with friends. You can join thousands of players to defend your throne while raider others. Stormfall consists of a variety of Battlegrounds, Game types and has an extensive array of features and challenges.

What makes it more interesting, is having the ability to invite your Facebook friends to join your journey.


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Full Review

Full Review

Stormfall: The game starts off with an adequate tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game, and all the nuances within. Gives you more detail of exactly what to achieve and how to proceed and immersing you into the lore of the game. I found the tutorials in this game to be very helpful, particularly to new players. With this you should be able to start the game with ease.


There's a lot to do in this game. Raiding, sieges, upgrading buildings, constructing units, finding new object’s, and a lot more which we don’t want to get into! You can build your resource buildings, such as gold, iron, & food, and they all are important within their own way. Iron is mostly used in assembling offensive units, gold and food is deducted for building and each component that exists in your castle. Additionally, you will use all 3 resources in construction of your buildings and their upgrades, also as updating and discovering new game items and objects.

In game items will grant you access to more advanced buildings, units that are better trained, and newer units. Each day you will receive an arbitrary scroll, which can be used to find a new quest, should you have enough of the required scrolls. You always have the option to trade them with other players in the lobby. You are able to spend resources to upgrade them up with each upgrade amount increasing their entire stats by 2%.

These Runes can be employed on a "Tech Tree" of sorts, which will let you do things such as increasing their speed, construct times, group unlocks, and other attributes. You'll see skull runes in each tree's, allowing diversity and more customization from other Lords, predicated on their own strategies.

For example, there is a Dwarf a defensive unit satisfied to countering infantry and calvary units, which adds a unique layer of strategy.

In this game you can join "Leagues", which are players united in a group, and form coalitions with your friends. You could also create wraiths, which are special units you can summon them yourself with the Crypt.

Overall, it is a fun, competitive, war game and if you're into player versus player combat and strategy games. You'll enjoy playing this game!

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Resources & Videos

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