How do you create an original MMORPG is the question that many ask. Well. Tera has the solution. With sharp graphics, stunning gameplay, amazing landscape and BIG ASS MONSTERS, Tera has evolved a new sort of gameplay. Instead of the old and well known targeting pressing a bunch of buttons while kiting we all know well. Tera brings a new sort of gameplay. Which immediately gets you playing.

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Stunning graphics:
The graphics is the first thing you’ll see with every game. You will be amazed by the graphics of this game. For an MMOPRG it is pretty good! The environment is quite open and explorable.

The gameplay is probably the second thing you will notice, if not the first. Instead of the ol’ known point and click. Tera uses a hit marker that you must aim at your target. This makes the gameplay a lot more hectic and it works quite well.

The co-op is good in Tera. If you party up, you automatically share the quest if you kill a mob of that quest. You also share the same amounts of mobs killed. The gathering is also shared and easier to gather if you gather it together.

The dungeons are probably the best thing in Tera. Very well made and amazing to do if you have a party that is not a bunch of monkeys behind their computer. Otherwise the dungeon might become a little difficult.


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Full Review

How do you create an original MMORPG is the question that many ask. Well. Tera has the solution. With sharp graphics, stunning gameplay, amazing landscape and BIG ASS MONSTERS, Tera has evolved a new sort of gameplay. Instead of the old and well known targeting pressing a bunch of buttons while kiting we all know well. Tera brings a new sort of gameplay. Which immediately gets you playing.

Character creation
The character creation is pretty decent. The classes are well explained. There is even a difficulty level for the classes. The classes are also pretty balanced. Some rely more on skill rather than just raw damage. There are multiple options. Do you want sustained damage? Take the warrior. Do you want more burst? Take the sorcerer.

For the character customization, it’s okey. Not good not bad. There are some options for hair etc. You can also adjust the fine details. But with the current MMORPG’s this is pretty default. So no spectacular options are here (yet?).


However in-game there are more options. Not really about the looks of the character, but the skills. There are Glyphs in the game that you can adjust to what you want. For example you can buy glyphs that reduce the cool down of a certain spell. This is absolutely amazing. If you are not the type that looks on the internet that is. The glyphs are kind of balanced, but there will always be those types that are best in general, but that doesn’t mean the rest is crap though. Sure there are some glyphs that are not that good as others, but if you combine them with other glyphs there pretty okay.

The gameplay may be the best thing we have in Tera. Instead of using the targeting you may need a new mouse. Because you need to aim most of your skills in order to do damage/heal. Which steps the game up a notch. For example: You are a lancer (which is the tank, what most general MMORPG players know as a warrior.), you need to aim your Lance at the enemy, either mob or player, and basic attack him. Which makes gameplay a bit more hectic than just pressing on the enemy and pressing a couple of buttons to do damage. Which is quite amazing.

In MMORPG’s maybe the biggest thing are the dungeons. Most of my time in Tera has been in dungeons and defeating BAM’s (will explain later.). Tera has done this well. The dungeons are original and well created. The bosses are quite good. Although there are some glitches that draw bosses out of their spot. Which kind of sucks. The end-game dungeons are amazing for the first time, second time there still good. But with the lack of end-game dungeons you will be repeating the heck of these couple of dungeons. Which sucks too.

Talking about the end-game. This is maybe the thing that let me down the most. PvP is unbalanced. The combination between races and classes are the worst. Of course there are classes that perform better in PvE than PvP, but it is the combination. The animations of some races are just simply better, which creates an unbalanced environment. Tera’s mindset was PvE > PvP. Which really showed off. I never been a PvP type so this didn’t really bother me. But people I got to know in Tera really bothered it. Which I can understand because I tried it a couple of times. BUT. Which the amazing gameplay that Tera brings, the PvP is kind of interesting. If you want more information about PvP I suggest you look somewhere else, because I was mainly interested in PvE. Although that was fun either if I haven’t met a bunch of cool people that I hung out with in Tera.

The guilds are quite good though. link here is a link that explains what Alliance are and what their purpose is. I like it, it can be different in what guild you are though, since my guild was really amazing actually.

Next up. The island of dawn. I usually get fed up with one character really quickly so I usually have a bunch of characters all over the place. Unfortunately ’The island of Dawn’ exist. It is truly like 4 hours of boredom. You basically play the message boy and meanwhile you get to kill a couple of mobs on the way too! Which is great *sigh*. The ‘fun of grinding’ really starts at level 20. Which you will get to do your first dungeon soon too!

Here is where it all turns bad. In the beginning is amazing. After a few hours, say 10 hours or so, you start to notice something. It all is basically the same. ‘Hey dude these monsters need to be killed.’ Quests. So the rest of your time you will be killing actually the same mobs. Like really the same. They retextured all the mobs. Like all game long. You probably know the ‘area to area’ basic. You get in a place somewhere. You do some quests, which means kill the mobs you killed a few hours earlier but with a different texture and a different name. For example:


As you can see above, the practically the same, but different texture. This is for most mobs.

This is a huge setback. All quests could have been so much better if even just the mobs were different, but even better would have been it wasn’t just ‘Hey dude these monsters need to be killed.’ Although there are some quests that different from this, most quests are in this concept. Which if you like grinding is a good thing, but for me it sucks.


This is what got me playing. I’m not the type that only plays games because they have good graphics, but the world looks simply amazing. I haven’t encountered much invisible walls (which I think is bullshit.) expect for the rivers. Which is okay for me. The environment is pretty amazing. I can tell all sorts of how it looks etc. But if you like graphics and an amazing environment, just install and check it out. The only problem is that the exploration is not enough. You can explore what you want, but you’re not going to see anything else than if you don’t just do the quests.

TL;DR version
Appreciate the work I’ve put into this ;_;. Nah would have done the same ;).
If you like grinding this is the game for you. Sure, there are some things that you are not going to like. What game doesn’t? No game is perfect. The gameplay is absolutely amazing. The boring point and click is gone and the action brought back. The PvP is okay, a bit unbalanced due to animations not made equal. PvE is okay/good. The quests are stupid though, but the dungeons are amazing. I give tera 7/10.


  • The quests are complete bullshit. This is what let me down the most.
  • PvP is a bit unbalanced.
  • Not a lot of character customization.
  • Community is no the best(Not a lot to do about, but still.)
  • Story (yes. I am a lore dude.) is badly presented. Story is okay though.
  • Lack of end-game content(Which is constantly updated though.)
  • Game starts after level 20 the fun that is.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Fresh/hectic gameplay
  • Random BAM’s are great
  • PvP is big (GvG, battlegrounds etc.)
  • Guilds are actually not useless.
  • No race class limitation.
  • Elin :3

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