Unlimited Ninja

Are you ready to dive into the deepest shadows of the ninja’s? Unlimited Ninja takes you on a wild journey you won’t forget.

Author: Joyfun
Popularity: High
Category: 2D MMO
PvP Support: Arena
Free/Paid: Free
Pros: +Ability to customize your ninja
Cons: -lack of game features -you don't need any skill at all -could use more customization features



Unlimited Ninja will take you on a quest being a personalized ninja while you aim to eradicate an unpleasant kingdom and a large number of difficult prospects as you go along. Are you able to endure inside a planet in which dying exists in each and every shadow?

Assemble a Team: When you engage in in the video game, you will get an opportunity to uncover a variety of character types in the show. You can include these heroes in your social gathering while you look for stability and grow the supreme ninja crew.

Player vs player Arena: Try your might in opposition to other gamers while you ditch your crew towards their own to determine whose strategies and success can outmatch one other.

Call for a Monster: Receive one of many tailed people and call for it in combat to let loose your entire will.

Pick Your Path: Gamers can focus on Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, or Taijutsu to acquire unique skills and distinguish their figure.


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Full Review

Full Review

Whenever you build your character you will need to choose from 3 battling variations: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. This can be a challenging decision to create anyone who has witnessed the show, because there are instances of just how great every style can get. Although some are alternatively uninteresting, a number of them may be intriguing, and also the in-game battler types excel to mirror the various types. Initially I needed to accept standard journey, the main one of Ninjutsu because it's the most common one out of both video game and also the show. But Genjutsu also attracted me, and i also enjoy making use of brain tricks on individuals. Ultimately I made a decision not to be merely another stone within the wall and opted for the Genjutsu.
Unlimited Ninja 1

Each and every figure which you un-lock, may be placed into the crew. Your group is clearly your identity, along with other character types you'll connect with alongside your trip to perfect your skill. All the character types you discover may be granted gear to ensure they are more powerful. The tools will also be built much better with funds and exclusive objects. Each and every character amongst gamers even offers an exclusive role.

ninja chars

You don’t have to wait long beifre you unlock or have access to the various characters. Like how I described before, most of them have a unique specialized skill just like the series. Once you unlock Neji and Kiba you would have to decide which one is your personal preference, the choice is hard but you can always go back and change the player role. In order to get used to the character, skills and weaponry we advise for you to play around with the character you chose to get a better idea on what is a better choice for fighting the enemy.

ninja weapons

The game play is fairly straightforward. Most of energy is invested watching fights or pressing buttons. Sadly the game itself does everything automatically, from strolling to really combating with ninjas to tasks. There isn't that much since everything can be done.

As you have probably seen on the show, there are these tailed beasts. There is a slight difference between the game and the show. In the show the beasts live inside some of the characters but in the game they are displayed as pets. I would call them an ally as they improve your abilities to dominate the battle field with their super powers.

The story line is interesting, it’s cool that you get to your character fighting along heroes. But like how I said before there isn’t much you can do which immensely disappoints me. It’s a dull experience and it can use some improvement. There isn’t much control in the battle field, you’re just hoping the spell actually does damage to your opponent to complete the quest. Sort of sucks if since it seems like its all based on luck and not skill. When both teams enter the arena stats and equipment aren’t equally determined, you can go from dominating to completely getting slaughtered.


The game itself sounds better than it really is. I can’t say the game is great because there isn’t a lot you can do. The style of the game options and features really lack improvement. I was disappointed because I expected more from this game. So overall I would say the game is OK not as great as other games in the same genre. Take a leap of faith and try the game out yourself and let us know.

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