Skyforge Offering Beta Keys Through Mini-Game


Skyforge Logo is offering players a chance to participate in a gems mini-game to win beta access for its upcoming MMORPG Skyforge. The mini-game is open to anyone participating between November 26 to December 23.

“In the mini-game, players have seven attempts daily to find as many blue gems as possible on a board of 21 gems. To win a closed beta key one should collect 5 blue gems. Along the way they’ll find several surprises, and a special leaderboard will keep track of players’ progress. The top 20 players on the leaderboard each week will also receive an invitation to Skyforge closed beta. Additionally, the player who places in first in the leaderboard rankings each week will receive a Sound Blaster EVO ZXR Headset. Other prizes include an exclusive Skyforge Souvenir Gift Set, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 graphics card.”

For more information, visit the Mini-Game FAQ Page and check out Current Leaderboards.


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